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Welcome to KillerApps.com, where you’ll get a first look at the newest technology hitting the market throughout the year. We cover all the killer applications of technology, not just the mobile apps on your smart devices. We archive segments we have produced from our satellite media tours (SMTs) for news and morning show interviews from some of the top technology and lifestyle industry experts, like Mario Armstrong, Carley Knobloch, Marc Saltzman, Stephanie Humphrey, Evette Rios and others.

The site adds new videos and content each month that will keep you in the loop of what’s hot in digital and technology products and services! We showcase top brands in laptops, printers, software, websites, services, security cameras, appliances, door locks, smart home, useful gadgets, mobile, and of course the killer apps! These featured segments are perfect for tech gift ideas, smart home upgrades, and seasonal information of how this technology can make a difference in your life. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel as well!

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