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KIDZMET STUDENT SNAPSHOTS – Parents of 4-12 year old kids

Make sure your child and their new teacher get off on the right foot this year. When kids head back-to-school each year, their teachers have between 15 and 30 new students to get to know as quickly as possible. But names, faces and the past year’s grades only paint a part of the picture for the teacher. In order to help their students learn most effectively, teachers also need to be able to understand the child’s personality type, subject strengths and cognitive style as quickly as possible. Kidzmet’s new Student Snapshot is one way for parents to inexpensively help ensure that new teachers understand the optimal ways to connect with each of their kids…before the bell rings on the first day of school.

Priced at only $.99 or about the same cost of one music download

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Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet – Great for all ages…even mom and dad


Now that summer is coming to an end and kids are heading from the beach to the classroom, there is a new Boogie Board that is taking over. The Boogie Board tablet is a totally paperless writing and drawing medium. It’s a tree friendly, electronic replacement for memo pads, sketch pads, sticky notes, scrap paper, and dry erase boards.  Every time you erase is like saving a piece of paper. The writing experience is similar to paper and pen and it’s extremely simple to use.  No instructions required.  To write or draw, use the included stylus, or any suitable instrument, even your finger. To erase, just press a button. Comes in three models, 8.5”, 8.5” for binders and 10.5”. A great tool for school that reduces classroom paper consumption, reduces school supplies, and because it’s fun, it helps keep students engaged in learning activities.

Prices start at $39.95

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Available at Brookstone or on the Improv Electronics Amazon Store.


InnoTab® – Kids aged 4-9…and their parents who want to “reclaim” their tablets from their kids

The InnoTab is VTech’s latest “kiddovation” – taking a hot technology trend – tablets – and bringing it to kids for the first time. InnoTab features a 5” brilliant color touch screen LCD and tilt sensors, so children can tap, swipe, flick and rotate, just like on their parents’ tablet. The InnoTab is a cutting-edge, multi-function tablet for children.  Packed with fun, the InnoTab offers interactive and animated e-books, learning games, creative activities and more (they expect over 100 software titles to be available by year’s end) – all in one compact, durable tablet. Pull it out of the box – and it’s ready to go for hours of play. And best of all, it uses VTech’s Learning Lodge Navigator as a progress tracker so parents can see how their much their kids are learning.


SRP InnoTab: $79.99. SRP Software Titles: $24.99

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Available at , ,

2GB Echo smartpen from Livescribe – perfect for higher education and professionals

OK, this is not your everyday ordinary pen! The Echo smartpen from Livescribe records everything students hear and write – whether words, diagrams, symbols or doodles, so they never miss a word. Students simply tap on their handwritten notes with the smartpen to play back what was said at the exact moment in time. They can transfer their notes and audio to their computer (Mac/PC). Students can easily review an interactive, digital version of their notes and audio, called a pencast, on their computer or mobile device. A pencast can easily be shared with classmates via email, Facebook, Evernote, Google Docs and more. Students can take their pencasts on the go with Livescribe’s Pencast Player for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. What’s impressive is that 84% of Livescribe’s student customers say the Livescribe smartpen has improved their grades.

Prices starting at just $99

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Livescribe smartpens are available at Best Buy, Apple stores, and

Carbonite – for anyone with a computer and important data. Perfect for students with papers, research and new computers going off to college.

Don’t forget to have a backup! With all of the new technology that is needed for today’s students, families need to ensure their data is protected. provides a simple, secure and affordable way to back up all of a student’s valuable computer files, including homework. Carbonite takes the worry out of backup by securely and automatically backing up the files on your PC or Mac to one of their highly secure, state-of-the-art data centers. Once you install Carbonite, you’ll never have to remember to back up again. When you need to recover lost files, getting them back is easy – you can even access backed up files from any internet-connected computer or smartphone.

Unlimited online backup – just $59/year per computer.

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