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Facebook assigns you a fake-news-flagging trustworthiness score

A new way to attack Facebook is to fraudulently report a news story as false in hopes of reducing its visibility, either because someone wants to censor it or just doesn’t agree with it. Sometimes known as “brigading,” a concerted effort by trolls to flag a piece of content can reduce its visibility. Facebook now sends stories reported as false to third-party fact checkers, and these purposefully inaccurate reports can clog the already-overcrowded queues that fact checkers struggle to worth through. That’s why Facebook gives users a trustworthiness score ranging from 0 to 1 depend on the reliability of their flags of false news,  The Washington Post reports. If they flag something as false news but fact checkers verify it as true, that could hurt their score and reduce how heavily Facebook factors in their future flagging.  If users consistently report false news that’s indeed proven to be false, their score improves and Facebook will trust their future flagging more. Facebook’s News Feed product manager Tessa Lyons confirmed the scoring system exists. There’s currently no way to see your own or someone else’s trustworthiness score. And other signals are used to compute the score as well, though Facebook won’t reveal them for fear of trolls gaming the system. Friend-ranking scores This isn’t the only way Facebook ranks users, though. It assigns you a shifting score of affinity toward each of your friends that determines how frequently you see them in the News Feed.

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T-Mobile SCORE! Program Is Being Discontinued – Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo T-Mobile SCORE! Program Is Being Discontinued Ubergizmo tmobile-sign Last year T-Mobile launched an upgrade program called SCORE!. The idea behind SCORE! is that by paying $5 a month, you would be able to upgrade your phone to another, and potentially newer model every 6 months. The only downside to ... and more »

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