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Coord, a Sidewalk Labs spin-out, raises $5 million to help mobility services better integrate into cities

Coord, the mobility data startup that spun out of Alphabet-owned Sidewalk Labs, has raised a $5 million Series A round led by Alliance Ventures, with participation from Trucks, Urban.Us and DB Digital Ventures. The plan with the funding is to continue to enhance Coord’s APIs and geographic coverage, as well as “build a bridge between the private and public sectors,” Coord co-founder and CEO Stephen Smyth wrote on Medium . Coord offers a few products for its customers, which includes companies like Zipcar, Mozio and Google’s Maps product. There’s the Tolls API, which keeps tabs on toll roads, bridges and tunnels to determine the costs of trips; the Curbs API that is designed to help drivers easily figure out the parking and passenger loading rules (think ride-hailing drivers) in the area, meter prices and so forth; as well as a Routing API that uses real-time information to surface the best multi-modal routes. And as bike-sharing and scooter-sharing continue to expand across the world, Coord also offers a Shared Vehicle API to enable its customers to integrate the real-time availability, prices and locations of both bikes and scooters. “Our goal is to help the public and private sectors speak the same language when it comes to urban transportation,” Smyth wrote. “While many private companies are not well integrated into existing transportation systems of today, we believe that end users will ultimately demand interoperability across all of the systems in a city. To that end, we are driving standardization of transportation-related data across cities.” Coord will get you there one way or another with its new APIs

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Coord will get you there one way or another with its new APIs

Humans still have an edge over computers when it comes to navigating a city. In areas we are familiar with, we know precisely the cadence of traffic, when to avoid the subway, when biking makes sense, and how that all fits with the current weather and our moods. We have transit intuition, which is why we get so frustrated when Google Maps suggests a route that just doesn’t match the available options to get around. Yet, even humans are starting to break down under the increasing complexity of mobility options. Whether its subways or buses failing or new options like bikeshares, electric scooters, or crowdsourced bus routes becoming available, our intuition on how to get to our destinations can be out-of-date or quite simply wrong. In the patchwork quilt of transit options available in most American cities, people often need to take two or even four different modes of transit just to get to their final destinations. That’s where urban data startup Coord comes in. A spinout of Alphabet-owned urban innovation org Sidewalk Labs, Coord wants to make it easy for developers to build mobility-rich applications using the best data available. Today, the company is announcing a fusion of its Routing API and Bikeshare API , which will allow app developers to perform multi-modal pathfinding — including transit and bike shares — in a snap. The company has released a demo router app to experiment with as well. As benign as that announcement sounds, routing remains hard for most transit users according to Stephen Smith, the founder and CEO of Coord

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