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Please don’t repeat these things WikiLeaks says you can’t say about Assange Updated

Enlarge / You absolutely cannot say these 140 things about Julian Assange, according to bastion of the free press WikiLeaks. (credit: Jack Taylor / Stringer, Getty Images) A representative of WikiLeaks  has sent a "confidential" memo to news outlets including an updated "defamation list" (version 1.2), advising reporters not to mention or publish it. The memo was promptly leaked  (the first out of the gate to leak was Emma Best of MuckRock). WikiLeaks then linked to a revised, heavily edited and redacted version (version 1.3) they posted "anonymously" on a text paste site . Here, without further comment or editing, and in its entirety, is the WikiLeaks advisory. From:  WikiLeaks / Sunshine Press   Subject: CONFIDENTIAL: Assange & WikiLeaks inaccurate and defamatory claims v1.2 To: CONFIDENTIAL LEGAL COMMUNICATION NOT  FOR PUBLICATION.   WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have published the largest, most accurate leaks in the history of the CIA, State Department, Pentagon, U.S. politics, and Saudi-Arabia, among many others. Predictably, given the nature of some of these entities, numerous falsehoods have been subsequently spread about WikiLeaks and its publisher.   Additional falsehoods have been spread by media competitors, click-bait sites,  political party loyalists, and by those linked to, or paid by, the governments WikiLeaks or Julian Assange are litigating or have litigated (UK, US, Ecuador, Sweden), which seek his arrest (U.S., U.K), expulsion (Ecuador), or who have formal criminal investigations against his publishing work (U.S., Saudi Arabia, Australia), or who have banned or censored WikiLeaks (Saudi-Arabia, Turkey, China).   Since Mr. Assange’s isolation and gagging on March 28, 2018 the publication of false and defamatory claims about him has accelerated, perhaps because there is an incorrect view that Mr. Assange is has no means to defend his reputation from falsehoods in such grave circumstances

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